Virtual Tax Prep

How to get your taxes done without stepping into my office:

Things I will need from you before I can start:

    1. A “New Client Info Sheet” filled out (on the Resources Tab)
    2. Your last year’s tax returns
    3. A signed Engagement Letter (on the Resources Tab)
    4. Copies of each signers’ Driver’s License

You can upload those items into the “Guest File Exchange” and after that, I will create your own Personal Portal.

After I get started, I may have questions for you and/or need more information.  I will email you with those questions and sometimes you can just email me back, but sometimes you will need to upload confidential information into your Personal Portal.

Then, to complete the return, I will send you a DRAFT copy through your Personal Portal.  After I get your ok, I will send you the signature documents and my invoice.

After I get the signature documents back and your payment, I can efile and send you a copy of your final returns.

Call me if you have any questions!